Ebenezer Marvale

  • Decent candidate for the worst job you had yet, Eben? Getting there.

    Why you feel like that lunatic noble is the only fellow treats you like a person when you know you're just a dog to him? Least he likes dogs, even ones like you. Least he don't call you no greedy low-life (not to your face anyhow). Least when you're a tool you ain't worthless.

    Some folks are so polite.
    They flash their pretty smiles.
    But I can see their hearts all right,
    So selfish and so vile.

    With friends they play pretend,
    And of course I ain't invited.
    Good fortune's something you can spend
    To keep your conscience quiet.

    To keep your mind off ugly things
    And on them shiny golden rings.
    Forget about those pesky stings
    Of other people's sufferings.

    Well I can do it too, you know.
    I'm nothing to you, you're less to me.
    Your smiling face is just for show.
    Behind it is ugliness I can see.