The Grandest hunt of them all!

  • Soon, I, Ironfoot, chosen of Malar will present all the people of Arabel and neighbouring villages with the grandest hunt this region has ever seen. I will place a small coin inside of something, be it a rat in the sewers, a beetle in the swamps, a deer in the forest or a wolf in the mountains, it could be ANYTHING! The only way to find the coin will be to gut the animal and dig through its insides.

    The one who finds this coin and brings it to me will receive the Title of 'Champion of the Hunt' and a purse of 50.000 city coins.

    The time of this will be announced soon!

    ((//Most likely wednesday or thursday evening around midnight GMT, but exact time and date to be announced soon!))

  • Posters with these are put up in East way, Eveningstar, Immersea and all over Arabel, encouraging all hunters to take part

  • The Grand hunt starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!


  • Event cancelled due to lack of participants