Malar and Druids

  • I've seen some versions of Malar's dogma that have the following line added onto the end.

    "Suffer no druid to live, for they believe not in survival of the strong, but in a weak-minded balance that allows the inferior to survive and often to rule."

    I swear I've heard mention of this in regard to Malar on CoA before, but when I mentioned it on discord everyone else had no idea what I was talking about. So Was hoping for a clarification on Malar's views on druids for CoA.

  • Admin [DM]

    Malar supports druids. These druids tend to see the entire natural cycle as based around the hunt. By themselves, they'd likely throw the balance out of whack, since to them, it's all about hunting; They are balanced out by good druids who are more about preservation.

    The druids who are concerned about cosmic balance are true neutral and are sponsored by deities who wish the same, as well. (One step rule would apply for druids).