• 2500 for a wizard who can flesh to stone people, cast Grasping Hand (if you're not familiar, this is very top shelf magic) and you want him alive.

    You're either high or negligent, sergeant. I suggest you fix those posters or at the very least warn people the kind of shit they're getting into if they go after him.

    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre

  • Mistral Miavyre,

    Due to the urgent nature of the situation, an immediate base reward needed to be issued. Contrary to apparent popular belief, the city does not have infinite coffers from which a Sergeant can requisition. It is possible that the reward will be increased, but it will stand as is for now. Additionally, while other rewards have been issued as lump sum rewards, this reward is to each person aiding due to the danger he poses. Regarding warning people of the exact threats he poses, anyone who knows enough to identify Wyrmlocke knows that he is a powerful mage and should know enough to research him. As a courtesy to you as High Priestess, a warning that he possesses powerful magic will be added to notices for the reward.

    Private Ysolt Argenta

  • @thetwistingwind

    High priestess,

    It's good that somebody of your stature to question my intelligence or negligence with your infinite wisdom. It sure provides a great opportunity to improve oneself to meet your truly high and apt standards.

    Regarding the rewards, Private Ysolt has already summed by the circumstance of issuing such a meager reward considering the fact that I personally donated 10,000 gold for Hronk. I will be working with my superiors to have a much higher reward for Wyrmlocke, else I will take another 10,000 from my retirement fund but know that I do not have the luxury of a noble in regard to endless funding.

    Regardless of the reward, I am quite confident that Individuals such as your esteemed self will definitely aid Arabel to eliminate such threats as you have done in past, present and future

    For King and Cormyr,

    Sergeant Snyden

  • @shonmann

    [No written reply makes it's way to the tower, however one day- quite at random- a wheel of cheese is delivered addressed to the sergeant.]