For gilded gents

  • To whom it may concern,

    I hope this finds you well. I saw a poster from the gilded gents. On it the spark of divinity was read. I was with a band of others and we encountered orcs that seemed to be beneath a domination spell. As we slew them, one spoke of the "Divine spark" and a area in the underdark that someone was taking it to. Could I meet with one of you?


  • Sure, find one of us around. Claeyss, Jon, Benjamin, Elestra, Lyra, Ezra or myself.


  • @swifty-willownall *A letter is dispatched to the innkeepers of the Grinning Goat and the Skyspire Inn, with instructions to deliver to a 'Fodel' and none other. *

    Mister Fodel,

    It was one of our operatives that infiltrated the psychic matrix of the thralls, and extracted their motive, should you remember. She recalls hearing within it the words "find the _______", not "take the ______ to the Underdark"... Your letter has us worried - if the _______ has been found already then the nation is in peril of collapsing, are you certain that this is what you heard?

    -A Gentleman

    *The handwriting is terribly girly. *

  • I am certain. I have told Finn what I heard, and have also offered my services to help find its captors.