Dark Happenings in Lost Love's Ally

  • With the destruction of the Snouts at the hand of Hronk and his cohort of dark clad mercenaries, a change has come about this small street. The bones of the dead half-orcs have been arrayed in piles around the altar, with those of Morgana herself oozing atop it in a ritualistic fashion. Men and women baring the vestments of Clar Banda and the colours of Disgraced House Manzahar are seen busying themselves chanting nefarious words within the alley. A small circle has been drawn in the corner and it is clear that a necromancer's cabal has risen here. Led by a sinister figure in the shape of Rabdahr Wyrmlocke save his animated skeletal arm which radiates powerful negative energy. He is referred to as Count Manzahar.

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