Zachery Snyderson

  • I have here three great bags of Ancient Dire Polar Bear meat, fresh frozen in Stormhorn Snow.

    In return for supplying you with this, I ask that you provide me with something suitably holy to Akadi, or a magical device capable of filling the sails of ships with air.

    This one has also heard of Elemental Stones. If you know of a Lightning, Cloud, Storm or Air Stone, I will be willing to trade its location as well.

    If you cannot or are unwilling to obtain such, then mere gold will suffice.

    Sheikh Maraduk-Sa'ar
    Herald of Akadi

    //Looking either for either a holy relic, advancement for the Sand Skiff plot, or an adventage for the Elemental Stone plot

  • Admin [DM]


    That sounds absolutely delicious, however, I do not possess such a relic. Perhaps Vanos?



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