Atticus D. Valdemar

  • [A blocky, crude text on a cheap parchment]

    Rhauul wants to know what the men in the Mages Tower know of the stuff the city does not want to be open to the public, and how much gold coin it would take across his palm to let us know it.

    Word left at Shylocks if you men of knowledge seek to be rich

  • [A fancy letter filled with flowing calligraphy is returned]

    Dear Rhauul, this is a mages guild, not a blackmail spying guild of Mask or whatever they'd call it if they had one.
    We spend our time researching inventions, spells, and olden ruins which hold power.

    The only things we'd know that the city wouldn't want made public are a few hundred ways to commit creative arson and vandalize properties.

    As well as a cake recipe people would start a civil war in order to get their hands on, because it's so damned delicious.

    Sorry to disappoint

    • Atticus D. Valdemar

    PS: Contact my assistant Claeryss for the war starting cake recipe.