Letter to Dweomerkeeper Raznor, bearing the emblem of the Mages Guild

  • Greetings and good health to you, Dweomerkeeper Raznor,

    As you may have seen from some of the bulletins pinned around, there has been some interest and push to reforming the Mage Guild of Arabel. While they stood, they helped protect the city and it's people from the dangers of other nations and would-be warlords who sought to test their powers on Cormyrian soil.

    They helped gather and protect knowledge that might otherwise have been lost to the fires of war and faith. Brought people together to learn and explore.

    We want to bring that back, aiming above and beyond, as the Mage Guild of old always did. I would like to have you on-board with us for this, if not at-least your support.

    As always, the Mages Guild operates on mutual exchange. We're looking to you as a partner in this, if you're interested. If you need anything, or support in anything, let us know. We have questions and probably favors to ask and we don't want to claim what we haven't proven.

    Praise Mystra.

    -Penny Glimwater, Guildmember and Priestess of Mystra.

  • Maybe if your mages guild can find me the Gem of Eternal Water or the Spark of Divinity, I will agree.

    • Dweomerkeeper Raznor

  • Sir,

    Would you have any ideas on where to start looking for those? There is, after all, a lot of places around that have a lot of water that is very deep.

    Also...what do they look like? Distinct marks, effects, that kind of thing.

    -Penny Glimwater, Guildmember.

  • It’s a rare and deep blue gem with eternal waves crashing inside of it! Anything else you’ll need to figure out yourself.

    • Raznor

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