The Factory of Arabel

  • Artisans of the Factory,

    I am Ibrahim Cihan, the Warforged recently arrived from Thay. You no doubt have gotten word by now of the request not to undergo the repairs my frame needs until I pay back a certain debt.

    It has come to my attention that there may be a conflict rising in the debt that prevents my repairs from going forward. The mage Wyrmlocke has apparently done some wrong against the House of Bhaliir, and it has resulted in some confusion on my part as to how I am to move forward.

    If he is deemed to be an enemy of Arabel, and I pay him this full amount, it is very likely I shall be arrested for collaboration. It is not a fate I wish to subject myself to, and yet I must see my frame mended before the greater part of my journey can continue. What then, if a bounty is posted, will your answer be?

    -Ibrahim Cihan

  • Admin [DM]


    As lawful citizens of Cormyr, we shall no longer wait for Wyrmlocke to collect on his debt from you. You only need to Pay the Thayan Embassy what you owe.