Letter: Sergeant Snyden

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Sergeant Snyden

    Lord Bhaliir wishes the following charges pressed against Wyrmlocke

    Conspiracy against the nobility: Wyrmlocke threatend to crush Lord Bhaliir in public

    Impersonation of Nobility: Wyrmlocke has been referring to himself as Count and Lord Manzahar

    Slander of Nobility: Called Lord Bhaliir a peasent and his house Slimy.

    Evasion of Peace Officials: Fled the Spire when the Militia tried to detain him

    Retainer Ampharen

  • Retainer,
    I have already added these charges to more severe charges of attacking Lord Bhalir with undeads with an intent to kill him along with the charge of animating dead.

    On a side note, Will your house be interested to sponsor reward to capture this man. If you think this request is outrageous, kindly ignore my request

    Sergeant Snyden

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I'll check with the Lord if he wishes to add to the bounty.

    I do not believe the Lord has been attacked by Wyrmlocke however, He was threatened though and Wyrmlocke was seen by Finn to use undead to attack the Windfall Island.

    Retainer Ampharen

  • @verk
    Lord Bhalir met with me personally and told me to bring charges of assault and animating dead against Wyrmlocke. This event was explained in detail by Ex captain of Purple Dragon Harris

    Events that were noted in the report was that Wyrmlocke with his army of undead fey knights attacked Lord Bhalir and in that one big undead knight announced that he is doing this at the order of Manzhar..the alias with which Wyrmlocke goes around and was able to put the lord down and about to kill the lord ,if not for the heroic intervention of Harris, who was able to destroy the undeads and saved Lord Bhalir.

    Haris then proceeded to attack Wyrmlocke, who used acid sheathe spell and escaped using a portal in Easthaven graveyard

    This is the basis of issuing a warrant.

    Sergeant Snyden