[A sealed up letter arrives for a series of individuals]

  • [These letters arrive to: Crowborne, Alice, Honest Jack and Karakuzzi.]

    Esteemed Knight of the Post,

    You were selected to partake on a job performed by one of our members. In order to know more details, you must abide to the Code of the Knights of the Post and be aware of the consequences of breaking it.

    If you accept, make a sending telling all Knights that you shall abide to the code. We will then reach out to you with the details and the plans per say.

    King Cassiel

    [A copy of the Code is sent to each.]

    The Code of the Knights of the Post are available to all Gilded Gents. Upon entering, you agree to all of these, and should you leave, know that they will forever stick to you - so will consequences of not following them.

    • Secrecy of all deals, ordeals and information you learn while as a Gilded Gent.
    • Never trust the law to handle matters better than our own.
    • Defend others freedom at all costs.
    • Target Evil, Tyrants, False Good-doers.
    • Never borrow/steal from someone that is in need or helping others.
    • Always make ammends with those you didn't want to get involved in a job and got into trouble, or their friends.
    • Don't smuggle something that will hurt folks.
    • Break a deal, pay the price. Break the code, handle the consequences.

    //OOC Disclosure: breaking the code may result in your PC getting harassed IG, like constant pick pockets, PVPs, sabotage, even FD, depending on the case. You were warned!

  • *Early in the morning, too early in fact, the addled girl goes to the barmaid of the Grinning Goat.
    She sits before the woman, who grunts as the spectral Alice begins to stare in her silence.

    "Not now, my shift is almost over," the barmaid complains.
    "Mm. Do you... Not like the twilight shift?"
    The woman gives Alice a couple of letters to distract the girl, and make her escape. "For you, and your... Monster."
    Alice begins to read the letter...

    "Mm. He said... 'Alice, stick to the Code. Alice... Find a warm shadow'... My Prince."
    She sniffs the parchment. "Fun-smoking-grass... Like Tarrin's."

    But then, Alice finds the crossed-out signature, and tilts the letter to one side, curiously, as if it'd make the crossed-out lines uncrossed.
    "And who are you? ...The Lord Of Thieves?"

    The girl goes to wake up Crowborne, and deliver the correspondence. *