Tilverton is Looking for Seekers of Knowledge!

  • Praise be to the Wonderbringer, knowledge and innovation, for through Him we have seen the light of a brighter dawn and a clearer sky.

    Inspired by the Wonderbringer and His divine Seeker Christoph Ampharen, the church of Akadi wishes to begin Tilverton off on the right foot; we seek to raise a hub of knowledge, education, craft and philosophy that will be free and open to all its residents.

    To that end, we invite seekers of knowledge, tradesmen, wizards, bards and philosophers of every description to establish themselves as part of the community; to trade knowledge in our lands and share what you would. This library will be open to all kinds of education and knowledge, we wish to see it supplied well.

    Bring glory to your patron deity by earning a shrine within, the gift of knowledge is one that grows when shared!

    Send a letter of interest to the Moonsea Ride’s Lodge with your ideas for how to raise awareness of your patron, philosophy or set of ideals and we will work with you to make it a reality. If you already have your own plans to do so, we will assist where we can.

    Church of Akadi