Honest Jack's 100% Legal & Licit Services & Sundry

  • Honest Jack is proud to announce the grand reopening of Honest Jack's 100% Legal & Licit Services & Sundries!

    Honest Jack, and Old Town institution, according to Honest Jack, is now selling various goods and services in Old Town! Honest wares for honest men! Est. since whatever was yesterday! Find me around town!

    Wares Sold

    50 Mild Poison Arrows (DC12 1-2 CON) -- 100 gold for 50
    20 Vampire Arrows (+2 lifeleech) - 40 gold for 20 -- BONUS: buy 20, 20% extra for free!
    Nice slimy chainmail, barely used! (5/2, -30% spell failure, 5/- DR Acid) - 75 gold
    Magic book of 'your enemies get hurt' (1 use of Elemental Shield) - 200 gold
    Amazing scourge!! (whip, +1d4 damage) - 75 gold
    Harpy trotters (boots, 5/- DR Sonic) - 25 gold
    Web-no-more Cloak (cloak, Spell Immunity: Web) - 50 gold

    Recipes: toad leap, strength, cure serious, concentrated elemental immunity - 35 gold each

    NEW NEW NEW -- Honest's Jack's Honest Key Services!

    Locked yourself out? Don't sweat, it happens. Jack has got you covered. I can get you back into your locked house, or, if you prefer, enter your house for you and retrieve your keys or other things.
    NOTE: only 100% legitimate and legal requests will be considered!

    Honest Jack,
    Legitimate Businessman