Letter to Penny Glimwater

  • @Alonsis2

    Priestess Glimwater,

    I’m sending you this missive as a matter of curiosity and courtesy. The finer details are still being worked out with some people (my own included) but I thought I would get this in front of you sooner than later.

    One of our founding visions for the re-vitalized Tilverton is one in Akadi’s image; where people of all races and backgrounds will have access to education in a variety of disciplines- encouraging freeer thought, expression and promoting the spiritual growth that Akadi wishes for us all.

    Being an elemental force, She doesn’t need to be the central focus of our efforts, She will be recognized in other ways. But what we as Her faithful can do is enable and promote those people and powers that bring this vision to reality through their gods and goddesses.

    It’s win-win, really.

    Our temple of knowledge will be primarily patronized by Gond, as His faithful have been working tirelessly to help us fix Tilverton, but there will be room for all deities of knowledge with their own shrines and areas within the temple.

    If this appeals to you, I’d be happy to discuss how we can get started- I’d love to hear your ideas and see how we can promote them.

    Be aware that this poster Isn’t finalized yet, and will probably undergo some revisions. But I’m warming up the proverbial forge for this one, so it’ll take time to get right.

    Thank you for your time.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    Church of Akadi

    Tilverton is Looking for Seekers of Knowledge!

    Praise be to the Wonderbringer, knowledge and innovation, for through Him we have seen the light of a brighter dawn and a clearer sky.

    Inspired by the Wonderbringer and His divine Seeker Christoph Ampharen, the church of Akadi wishes to begin Tilverton off on the right foot; we seek to raise a hub of knowledge, education, craft and philosophy that will be free and open to all its residents.

    To that end, we invite seekers of knowledge, tradesmen, wizards, bards and philosophers of every description to establish themselves as part of the community; to trade knowledge in our lands and share what you would. This library will be open to all kinds of education and knowledge, we wish to see it supplied well.

    Bring glory to your patron deity by earning a shrine within, the gift of knowledge is one that grows when shared!

    Send a letter of interest to the Moonsea Ride’s Lodge with your ideas for how to raise awareness of your patron, philosophy or set of ideals and we will work with you to make it a reality. If you already have your own plans to do so, we will assist where we can.

    Church of Akadi

  • Dear Mistral Miavyre,

    I would love to meet up and discuss some sort of representation of our Lady of Magic, especially if you are going to attract arcanists, for your fledgling township.

    With Thanks,

    Priestess Glimwater of Mystra.