Occasio Wood Armor

  • So this item is one of the hardest to make woodcrafting items. It's a halfplate with 60% weight, +2 vs animal, 25% elec immunity, and IST Elec+2.

    Its stats don't really reflect how top-tier it is to make. I think it should either be moved down in difficulty (it's the only Easy item for me at 95!), or have its stats severely boosted so that it's on par with ironwood.

    I recommend, either way, that it is turned into a full plate. It should cost at least 800 to make, which makes it more expensive than most options for lowbies (considering people keep spare crap plate to sell for 200).

    If its kept at its current level, I recommend these changes:
    Add Guard's Eye Flower or Serapis Turbith to the recipe, as well as perhaps crushed herbs.
    Grant Immunity: Entangle, Spike Growth
    Give fire vuln
    Give IST Mind-Affecting (perhaps also reflex)
    Give +2 vs Magical Beast and Beast (in addition to Animal), and +1 vs Bludgeoning or Piercing