Missive: Purple Dragons and Militia

  • Bedine Children were killed recently on the Moonsea Ride, and sacrificed in a terrible fashion to unknown powers. A doll was found near to the body.

    This one seeks to know how this could have happened in Cormyr.

    Sheikh Maraduk-Sa'ar
    Herald of Akadi

  • Herald,

    The first thing that comes to mind would be the Hags. Now you know what I have faced and what am trying to end. You ask how? We who seek to protect this land are spread thin. Too thin. And the dangers are plenty.

    If the children of your people have been killed by the hags, then blame me if you wish. I have already failed to save our own and bring them home. I have worked for months trying to solve the case of the missing children and I've but corpses to return to their family. I have freed their souls at the least. You want a scapegoat, fine, bring it.

    Yet know I will not stop until those responsible have faced justice.

    You want to know how? Here's how. Too few care.

    Now if you got more information on the case, share it. What sort of doll? Where on the ride exactly this happened? Near the fog? You say sacrificed, how exactly? Do you know if their souls have been taken, or their blood? I need details to know where to look for those responsible.

    -- Royal Scout Daxx

  • Herald,

    I believed that the slaughter of the children of our kin on the Moonsea Ride was the work of the beings of darkness at work in Tilverton, and of orcs who worked with them. Tilverton was purged by the light and fire of Akadi and the devoted aid of servants and blessings of many gods. If you believe the tragedy was not avenged in Tilverton's rebirth, gather with me what leads you have and together we will destroy the foul beasts that did this. I will contact the Purple Dragons about this.

    Private Ysolt Argenta, Arabel Militia

    Royal Scout Daxx,

    Regarding Sheikh Maraduk-Sa'ar's letter, I was present when the bodies were found. They were impaled on spikes at the points of what looked like a summoning circle - a red star in a red circle. It emitted much fire and negative energy when we removed the bodies. There were two rag dolls found nearby. I presumed them dropped by the children. Celestials summoned by Benjamin Barkley bore the bodies back to the nearby lodge. I assumed the dolls were taken with them since I placed the dolls by the bodies.

    While they were not seen in the act, just prior to finding the circle, Maraduk had fought shadows and orcs in the area, and their trail led from the scene into Tilverton. I believed the matter closed when Tilverton was purged, but it seems that he does not.

    As only half-Bedine, my position with my mother's people is tenuous. I consider them kin, but many of them may not see me quite so. This may not come up, but I thought you should know in case racial tensions become an issue in this investigation. I am available as a translator if you need me.

    Private Ysolt

  • Private,

    My thanks for the details. We had suspected orcan activity under shadovar leadership, this may be the first hint of it. Until we have definitive proof, I will not rule out the hags but it may be this was done by orcs. The fact it was bedine targetted, may bring more proof to this theory. The shades wants to crush your mother's people after all.

    I will see if I can get some folks to keep a closer eye out that way.

    • Daxx

  • This is true.

    I did not wish to boast of my glory in battle, or remember the powerful defeat at the end, but I encountered many orcs on the Moonsea Ride, while attempting to reach the Wind River Lodge.

    I killed over three dozen of them, and they were not weaklings, before I was surrounded by Shadow Lords and Orcish Warriors, reinforced with Warshamans. Unable to maneuver, I was brought down, but miraculously I survived.

    I woke up later, surrounded by many black pearls and orcish alcohol, within a circle of powerful black magic.

    Sheikh Maraduk-Sa'ar
    Herald of Akadi