Missive: Ophirae

  • Hey fartqueen,

    If you're having a place for our Tilverton chapter to be around, we'll get a couple of our numbers there to help you sort things too.


  • @gumba

    Ass Master,

    You know you’re welcome here.

    That said- we’re looking at beginning with a policy of a one month tour in the local militia as a per-requisite for setting up here as a citizen of the village. Especially at the beginning, it’s going to be necessary so we can sort out protecting the place and stabilizing things here.

    Even I’m wearing a militia cloak for that reason.

    After that period, though, you’d be considered a full member of the village with all the rights afforded residence-- voting, property rights, ability to become a councilor and such.

    If you’re still interested, I’ll pester Aeseax to pester you about getting things set up.


  • Oh no, that Aeseax is a pain in the ass - even her name is boring. Anyway, get our crew that permit then, we'll keep helping with the Village and see it rebuilt with you.