Seeking Faithful of Chauntea or Wildwalkers, also Paying a Bounty on Plant Seeds!

  • Paying bounty on Plant Seeds; trees and alchemical plants!

    The church of Akadi will pay bounties on mixed lots of alchemical plants and tree seeds. Fill a box or bag with mixed types of plants and seek out Mistral Ophirae Miavyre to collect a 500 coin bounty.

    Seeking Faithful of Chauntea or Wildwalkers

    The newly reclaimed lands on which Tilverton once stood have been sundered by holy fire; the ash shall give way to verdant fields and new hope- but not without proper blessing from those who tend the land.

    The Church of Akadi seeks people who would bless its new lands and set the village that will be founded upon it off on the right foot; a horrible curse has been broken and burned to cinder, but the lands need to be refreshed so that life can begin anew.

    We have access to relics of Jannath and potent reagents associated with nature and rebirth, we welcome those who wish to become a part of the community!

    Church of Akadi

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