Missive: The Militia

  • To whomever it may concern,

    I wish to file an official complaint against Rabdahr Wyrmlocke. There was an incident in Maleen's spire. Private Argenta can attest to this.

    Those present whom I recognized were myself obviously, Mr. Wyrmlocke, Lord Foril Bhalir, Private Ysolt Argenta, and Benjamin Barkley. Mr. Barkley had been selling some items and both myself and Lord Bhalir were there to shop. As for Private Argenta, I'm not sure why she came to the Spire in the first place, maybe nothing in particular, but she and I were having a personal conversation.

    Mr. Wyrmlocke cast multiple protective spells on himself in the Spire. This in itself is not unusual, but he clearly was not preparing for a job. I don't know what was going on and I'm sure he has his side of the story and I'd encourage the Militia to hear it. What was alarming about this was that it didn't seem prompted by anything, like he was just doing it to intentionally annoy people.

    Most of the spells he cast were things like Stoneskin, Bull's Strength, Endurance--things that could be alarming but could also be for the purpose of protection. However, there are two spells in particular that put me on guard and had me seriously considering retaliating to the threat. The first was an alteration of Flesh to Stone. For the sake of clarity, an alteration is a process by which one spell is cast to grant the effects of a different spell. The Stone to Flesh alteration Mr. Wyrmlocke used became Greater Endurance (I think), but it was only identifiable as such after the casting was complete. What I saw was Mr. Wyrmlocke suddenly casting Flesh to Stone in Maleen's Spire, having no idea that it would in fact be an alteration. I would have retaliated immediately at this if I'd had anything prepared to do so. The second spell was Improved Invisibility, which I believe should be entirely illegal to cast in public places.

    Given Mr. Wyrmlocke's reputation, I think it's understandable why I'm on my guard around him. Not to mention, it seems that everyone who was in the room at the time has, at best, an unfriendly/distrustful relationship with him.

    I asked Private Argenta to fine Mr. Wyrmlocke for casting Improved Invisibility. As for everything else, I ask that the Militia take whatever action is deemed necessary. If Mr. Wyrmlocke believes he is somehow in danger and is casting spells as a precaution, I do not consider that a valid excuse to do what he did, especially casting Flesh to Stone, alteration or not. If he wishes to do that and feels it's necessary for his safety, he should cast those spells in a private location.

    Personally, I do not trust Mr. Wyrmlocke. I believe him to be a threat to the city. Please inform him that if I see him cast deadly spells in public again, whether for the purpose of alteration, to scribe a scroll, or any other reason, I will interpret it as an immediate threat to my life and the lives of those nearby and I will respond accordingly.

    Morgan Faulkner
    Apprentice to Mistral Ophirae Miavyre of the Church of Akadi

  • Apprentice Faulkner,

    As a direct result of your complaint to me at the time, I did address the matter with Rabdahr Wyrmlocke shortly thereafter. I am not fully versed in what is considered privileged information, so I cannot say more than that at this time, but the record of the events has been entered into our files.

    Regarding the Stone-to-Flesh spell in particular, I am not familiar with the spell's intricacies, only that it was magic and then he became stoney of skin. Since its result was a protective and cast in Maleen's Spire I did not address it as a crime. There would be no way to prove that he did not do such a thing in preparation for work.

    The purpose of the Law regarding spell-casting in public is to avoid causing alarm of the general public. Magical assault is a separate Law and he did not engage in assault. To police every non-violent spell used in a building owned by an Archmage, hosting a Shrine to Mystra, and used as a base of operations for adventurers would be against the intent of the Law.

    I thank you for this missive as we appreciate having written testament to the public's concerns. We welcome any further complaint or commentary, regardless of whether it is determined to constitute a crime.

    Best regards,

    Private Ysolt Argenta, City Militia