Open Group and Plot - Tilverton's Reclimation

  • Tilverton Reclamation

    With the reclamation of Tilverton and the land being granted to the Church of Akadi, it begins a pretty neat experiment in CoA history; a player run settlement.

    This is a concept focused on player agency and as a result is open to basically anyone- any alignment, any agenda. The idea here is full player autonomy from the ground up on a smaller scale, incorporating as many different play styles as possible.

    This entire experiment is designed to blend various forms of RP to the server, and offer another avenue for players to explore things that they enjoy and have those things offer a meaningful return in the context of collaborative story telling.

    • If you want to be a big bad ass adventurer and go dive into far flung ruins to raise a shrine to your god, go for it.
    • If you want to open up a caravan company in Tilverton and start working with PC’s to ship goods back and forth? Do it!
    • Wanna try your hand at roleplaying a bar tender, smithy or some other ‘quiet’ profession instead? By all means!
    • Ever wanted to play a corrupt politician bent on world domination one village at time? Come check this place out.

    The Church of Akadi will be running the place like a theocratic republic; members of the village are afforded rights not available to non-members, help establishing businesses, raising shops, the ability to vote on laws and petition members of the council for edicts favoring their position. In addition, members of the village will be able to become one of three (planned) councilors to help direct the village’s growth, defense and prosperity.

    The initial round of councilors will be selected from interviewees, the process will change after the council has been formed-- probably into a popular vote or some other populous style that allows people to do the politics game in their own way.

    The Council will be focused on:

    Defense (Think local militia with a bit more of an adventuring bend to it, enforcing laws, putting the iron boot to citizens when the Akadian’s aren’t looking.)

    Economics (Making trade deals, exploiting local resources, enticing people to deal with us in creative ways and skimming a bit off the top for yourself or selling those resources to higher paying markets.)

    Common Needs (Helping citizens of the village realize their dreams, parceling out land for new projects and selling favors and prestige for other benefits.)

    These councilors will have the ability to propose new laws, repeal laws and all the normal stuff you would expect; the only requirement for becoming a councilor is becoming a part of the township first. Race, legal status, etc are non-factors (unless you’re blatantly psychotic, though it’d probably still be possible if you were careful.)

    A member of the church of Akadi will have an advisory, non-voting seat on the council as well, chosen by a majority vote of the faithful and will have the ability to dissolve the council and veto things that are not in the church’s interests-- for example if the council tried to adopt Grumbar as a village patron.

    Since Akadi is all about constant change, you can OOCdly expect a lot of things to change as we collectively walk down this road and see what happens. The idea is to make this entire thing fun for as many people as possible-- the Council system is just an outline and bare bones to get us started.

    The entire concept around this from an IC stand point is to have a light a touch as possible; the Church will very rarely step in unless something especially important or egregious happens. The faith and goddess are both TN as is the local church, meaning anyone of any alignment is welcome and will probably thrive if they can get support from other PC’s for their schemes.

    To reiterate here, this is an entirely PC run village. Anyone is welcome to participate and we’ll be working hard to help people get ideas off the ground-- whether it pans out or collapses will be entirely up to PC’s.

    So if this sounds like something that may interest you, come check us out IG, keep an eye out for the posters and stuff on the forums or bug me (TwistingWinds) on Discord. We’re going to be doing a lot of IG recruiting in the coming weeks and it’ll be a ‘living project’ so current and future PC’s are more than welcome to look into it!

  • Bumping this.

    Still going on, still open to anyone and anything.

    Some of this post might need to be re-written, but the core is still there.