The Church of Akadi Recognizes

  • [Pinned beneath as many of these posters as Isabella can find.]

    The Church of Akadi, Queen of Air, has worked tirelessly these past months to restore the Tilverton area to its former glory, and it is thanks to the persistence of our High-Priestess, the Mistral Ophirae Miavyre, that we once more witness dawn break over what was once a place of darkness. However, such victories are not won alone! Therefore, the Church wishes to thank all those who took part, whether they aided in big ways or small.

    Chief among those deserving recognition is the Seeker of Gond, Christoph Amraphen! Without his master craftsmanship of the Mithral Cithern used in our ritual of Songfire, my song would surely not have resonated as truly as it did. Let none question how completely Christoph embodies the tireless ingenuity and unbridled creativity of the truest of the Wonderbringer's faithful! Let all those who look to Tilverton with hope offer praise to Gond as surely as they do Akadi, and thank Him for the Seeker's aid!

    Isabella Aisley
    Herald of the Winds
    Singer and Songwriter
    Church of Akadi