Letter to Karius Hark, bearing the emblem of the Mages Guild

  • Well met Mister Hark.

    You may have seen our bulletin notice here.
    I, and a few others would like to see the return of the mages guild. I don't believe it can ever be the exact same as it was back in the day, I like to hope that we can make it even better than back then however.

    You've had the opportunity to step back and watch the decline of Arabel for the past decade and a half since the Mages Guild's positive influence has disappeared from Arabel.

    I for one do not want to wait another one and a half decade to see if leaving things up to war wizards and a few token Mystrans who'd rather suppress people's creativity and err on the side of caution, while every other country looks to ours as a testing ground for their new toys and calamity's.

    I'm bringing back the mages guild, and rather than aim to get back its former glory, we're aiming above and beyond, as the Mages Guild of old always did. I would like to have you onboard with us for this, if not at-least your support mister Hark.

    And as always, the Mages Guild operates on mutual benefits and assistance, we're looking to you as a partner, not for your charity. You need anything? Let us know, I've got a few favors to ask of you and I'm not one to put myself in debt.

    ~Guildleader Atticus D. Valdemar.

  • I'd love to help you with your project! Maybe you can help with mine first? I heard some Adventurer in Arabel came into possession of a gem of Eternal Flame which I need for one of my experiments. If you can get it for me, I might be able to sponsor your attempt to re-establish the Mage's Guild...

    • Karius Hark

  • Damnit Hark, I'm a Creation mage, not a diviner!
    Alright alright, I'll look into it, but if everyone decides to clam up about it, I won't know where to start looking for this gem... unless it has the property of lighting its bearer on fire, which would be awesome, and helpful.

    ~Atticus D. Valdemar

  • I don't think so, but I've heard there's a few others trying to acquire it as well. If you can't get it for me, we may need to figure out another reagent for this experiment I'm planning...

    • Karius Hark

  • Well, I'll give it the old Academy try. And failing that we'll come over and see what you're working on, then brainstorm a substitute, or redouble the acquisition effort then.

    ~Atticus, whom is not a Diviner

  • It's not a divination related experiment!

    • Hark

  • Well Hark, good news and bad news.
    I've found the gem of Eternal Flame, but it's in the possession of an Ironfoot fellow.
    The bad news is, this Ironfoot seems very devout to the spirits of the forest and won't trade or sell the gem because the spirit of the Dragon demanded the gem.

    I'm not one to steal from Ironfoot, he's no criminal and has offered to mediate a meeting with the Dragon spirit for us.

    I asked around with guildmembers and read up on Rhabdhar's research on the Hullack spirits, among other library research. It seems that we likely can barter with the Dragon spirit, but we'll need something more valuable to its eyes than a Gem of Eternal Flame if we want to trade for it, the dragon's greedy and only a master barterer could pull off a trade of equal value with it.

    And damnit Hark, I'm an aspiring Archmage not a master barterer!

    In conclusion, you got anything in that big old vault of yours that you don't need for your research anymore that might be worth trading for that gem? The mages guild'll handle the more dangerous part of talking to a greedy dragon...

    That said, if the spirit used to be a blue dragon we're in trouble, Brass and Blue don't mix.

    • Atticus D. Valdemar

  • Hmm, this is less than ideal! Have your people go with him to meet with this Dragon Spirit of the Hullack, maybe we can learn some valuable information on how to get this gem for my legendary experiment.

    • Karius Hark

  • Atticus! Find me the Air gem in the Eye of the Primordial please! I need it desperately!

    • Karius Hark

  • Sounds like we'll have to form a desperate search party to find a gem in a blizzard then!

    In all seriousness though, I assume this gem has some characteristics that'd make it stand out? We'll use those to have our members make an air gem tuning rod of sorts, bet that'll shave off some time on the search.

    • Atticus D. Valdemar

  • It should crackle with an everlasting torrent tornado within itself, constantly swirling! It will emit a low whisping sound and glow to some intensity, a noticeable degree of light blue through a sheathe of snow, for certain.

    • Karius Hark

  • Good news is that'll help us find it a lot easier with our tuning fork... That or we'll find a tornado, but hopefully we'll see the latter coming from a distance. We'll keep in touch!

    • Atticus D. Valdemar

  • Well, turns out the gem of eternal air ended up in the spirit dragon's hands as well, and before you ask. So did the earth and water ones we didn't know existed.

    Seems the malarites had a head start on us regarding those, and a hell of a whole lot more trackers as well!

    Sorry we couldn't get that material for you Hark, got any other research projects we can help with? Or a substitute material that'd do the trick?

    • Atticus D. Valdemar

  • Are you certain he got them all? Perhaps we'll need to find a way to get one from the Dragon Spirit...

    • Hark

  • From what I understand the Dragon spirit wants to destroy arabel and needed those gems among other things to do it. I don't think people from Arabel bartering with it will be on the table.
    If I knew anything about the origins or properties of these gems I might be able to fiddle with an idea or two, but as it right now all I know is what you've told me!

    • Atticus D. Valdemar