The Mages Guild is here!

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    The Mages Guild has returned to Arabel!

    As a few adventurers may have learned over the course of the last few weeks, a gathering of creative, innovative and crafty mages has been building up the workings of the mages guilds return.

    Arabel has been victim to the antics of neighboring countries for too long! Our Mages Guild, much like the Mages Guild of old, strives to build Cormyr into a beacon of magical superiority and progress. Enhancing quality of life in all walks of life, and making those whom would do us harm think twice before stepping foot anywhere near our livelyhoods.

    If you, like us, would see a future for Arabel where opportunities are readily available for all, and safety is so thoroughly assured that our focus can finally move onto researching things to make life more convenient rather than just safer.
    Support the Mages Guild today!

    Leave word at the spire with Guildmaster Atticus D. Valdemar if interested.

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