Nights beneath the candle - Jeriah Chronos

  • *Claeryss, co-founder of the late Scriptorium and of the fledgling Mages' Guild, arcane adviser of trust to multiple organizations and individuals, lorekeeper of the Evereskan House Sworn To History and publisher of three historical novels (with 22 int and max lore/spellcraft), starts to spend a good portion of her research time looking for traces of a story: of Jeriah Chronos, the Netherese Chronomancer said to have created the first time-oriented spell: time stop... A Transmutation of time itself.

    She sent letters to Evereska as an official lorekeeper, and to Suzail's Daelish embassy (where the ambassador himself was a friend), to request from them a moment of their maesters' time, to check if they had any leads for her to pursue with Maguuk and Saranja... In the meantime, the lorekeeper herself busied her nights combing the local libraries and visiting the usual dwells where mages went to relax - such as the World Serpent Inn, to see if a mage past a couple of drinks would reveal any clues for her...

    The (16 cha) mage (with max persuade) made sure to wear her pencil skirt as nerdy as possible, of course... *

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