Claeryss and Saranja

  • The Ancients

    //a crude note left for the two women wherever they may be found//

    I show magic cloak to Inmai Mush and he say it was property of a CHRONOMANCER.

    Finn says that is wizard who can play with time. Not know what that means.

    Mush say cloak is powerful relic and wanted to trade 10,000 gold for it. I says no trade.

    Tell Maguuk how to help make cloak new again. I pay or collect what you need. Will pay for your help.

    Not sure what Maguuk needs time cloak for, so if you figure out, maybe you keep it.


  • @khamal *Just after painting her lips a bit, ready to go seduce a mage or two out of their secrets at the World Serpent Inn, Claeryss sits down to pen a quick response and leave it at the outgoing mail bin. *

    Dear mister Maguuk,

    I have a lead. Will pursue it, then let you know how we'll proceed.

    Ever at your service,
    -Claeryss of the House Sworn To History