The Churning Winds Blow for Tilverton.

  • For too long the lands of Tilverton have withered under the darkness of a vacant Sun and Moon. Tomorrow that changes.

    The faithful of Akadi will break the darkness over the maligned village and return the Azure Promise that the Queen of Air offers to all; open skies, true Freedom and the chance to live according to your own desires.

    This massive undertaking will come to its conclusion tomorrow ((time pending, probably when a lot of folks are on)) and whether we succeed or fail, the name of Akadi will carry through all of Cormyr.

    Those who would end the suffering of the trapped souls.
    Those who seek to bring freedom to the tormented and damned.
    Those who wish a future for themselves after the darkness is cleared

    You are sought, your new beginning under the Azure Sky awaits.

    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    Champion and High Priestess of Akadi

    //This will be an open event, anyone is welcome to participate however they chose to!

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