Bounties of the Mages Guild

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    The Mages Guild is ever looking for rare reagents and research materials!
    Make sure to refer to our list of bounties frequently as the materials and goods we're looking for is subject to change, just as much as our research projects are.

    • Greater Bullette Carapace
      • 3000 Gold
    • Shadowspider Silk Gland
      • 3000 Gold
    • Illithid Scientist's heart, or brain... whichever.
      • 3500 Gold
    • A bucket of Corrupt Water Elemental
      • 2500 Gold
    • Ancient Dire Polar Bear parts
      • 2500 Gold
    • Diamond Ice
      • 2000 Gold
    • Mythalite
      • 3500 Gold
    • Sussur wood Root extractor (unused)
      • 1500 Gold
    • Sussur wood Root
      • 400 Gold per

    More bounties and payed for tasks to come, inquire with Atticus D. Valdemar for more jobs, or payment for bounty goods.

    ~Atticus D. Valdemar

  • [bounties are refreshed]