The City Militia & The Purple Dragons of Cormyr

  • Gentlemen,

    It is high time a bounty is placed for the head of Hronk. Once a mere menace to society, he has now become a mountain of marmalade, an unnatural force of destruction and death. He first claimed to be the King of the sewage and was ignored, now he claims to be the King of Old Town. What's next, Cormyr? As a loyal servant to the Crown and the protectorate of Old Town- I've heard enough.

    Since it has been brought back by the White King of the Chaos Brigade, it now acts as their representative and sows its seeds of chaos and death. There will be no compromising with this beast. I will protect the people of Old Town, and I will expect the soldiers of Cormyr to act and hunt this beast down before a massacre occurs.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir,

    I can offer my aid in the matter, but as all of the beasts crimes seem to occur in Old Town, downtown, or the citadel the Militia will have to raise the bounty and level charges on it, as I have no legal jurisdiction to do so. I stand ready to aid in the matter in whatever manner the militia needs.

    Captain Harris

  • @lord-bhaliir

    Lord Bhalir,
    My force will be ready and in stand by to take this criminal down. The bounty has been issued and we will wait for your further instruction so that we do not risk another blood shed and loss of innocent life in old town.

    Task force will be deployed in sewer to apprehend this criminal

    Sergeant Snyden

  • Gentlemen,

    On behalf of Arabels nobility AND my people, I express deep concern regarding the shaken faith in our nations security and the abilities of our Kings own men to uphold peace and prosperity In the North.

    How is it possible that a disgraceful story such as that of Thraesus Manzahar has been allowed to regain such strong holding and support in the north through the actions of DEPRAVED NECROMANCERS- how is it his STAFF could somehow re-emerge in the first place- IN THAY?

    This Staff has now possessed SEVERAL MEN. First Tarmas, a retainer of House Rowanmantle, who performed a ritual that saw undead rise in the Citadel. Now this "successor", Rabdahr Wyrmlocke, trusted by the war wizards of Cormyr, has begun to plot against nobility of Arabel?

    Yesterday, when this CONMAN brought his threats to my family, he was removed of this accursed staff, and now means are taken by the nobility of Arabel to ensure this threat is extinguished, as you failed to do what was necessary.

    In the meantime, I expect the Militia to hunt down this noble impostor and his band of outlaws for their crimes. I expect the Purple Dragons to conduct A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION on HOW this staff fell into Thayan hands IN THE FIRST PLACE. I expect you to confirm the news that Manzahar the necromancer is dead for certain. I EXPECT you to do so, if you intend to preserve the faith of the people in your abilities to upkeep the safety our proud nation.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Admin [DM]

    My Lord Bhaliir,

    Your personal demands in this matter have been noted and I am now presently looking into the matter of the staff. Presently, this is what I have-

    1. When Lord Thraesus Manzahar presented his Retainer Grimm for the Trial by Combat against Senior Retainer Bastian Marrow, Grimm was bested by a supreme and superb show of force.

    2. Somehow, Retainer Grimm was raised by the Lord during a period of non-observance.

    3. Lord Thraesus Manzahar attempted to escape the city, he was apprehended by observing war wizards.

    4. Lord Manzahar was forced to subject himself to house arrest on a small property by the Dalelands to live out the rest of his life providing classified research for Cormyrian War Wizards regarding the living bomb spell and how it may be ethically utilized (efforts were soon deemed impossible as he insisted on the matter of a martyr or the spell would not work).

    5. The Living Bomb Spell was presented as a solution to a peculiar situation in the Dalelands. Adventurers were brought to his estate to interrogate him.

    6. Manzahar attempted to escape...

    7. Manzahar and Retained Grimm was soon slain during the conflict. It is believed an adventurer stole the staff and a few of his belongings before War Wizards could search their belongings.

    8. The Thayan Embassy claims Myron O'Connor sold them the staff for the arena.


    War Wizard Jasper

    P.S: Please note any resources that may be dedicated to apprehending this necromancer are being utilized against the far greater threat of the Shadovar. You may show your loyalty and redeem your House's blackened name by capturing this man yourself, Lord Bhaliir.

  • Thank you for the thorough clarification on these past events, war wizard Jasper. Your explanation is helpful, especially since this matter has not been recorded by the local library. I will see that error now corrected, so that our children will learn from our mistakes. This is not the sort of information you should keep from the public. The people must know.

    As for this living bomb- it was Wyrmlocke himself who told me how said spell managed to cause considerable devestation during the dale war- causing the death of 500 men at an instant. Seeing as there's now reason to believe Wyrmlocke is possessed by this accursed spirit of Manzahar, should we be concerned he intends to use this spell in Arabel?

    There should be no question of my families support to our brave King as he crushes the nemesis of Cormyr once and for all. However, as you yourself have stated, this immense feat has left Cormyr in a vulnerable state that continues to be exploited by madmen and blood-thirsty brigands like Hronk the Jelly, and this Manzahar Impostor. So you say the nobility have been left ensure the Kings army has a home to return to? Then that is what we shall do.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • War wizard Jasper,

    Unfortunately, today we witnessed the monstrosity that is Manzahar utterly demolish a legion of undead at the Arena of Thay to acquire the notorious Pyatt Pree turned into statue. He easily did his bidding, thanks to the dragons soul he apparently has consumed. We can only now hope the Thayans were liars and do not have the possession of this statue. If his statue has disappeared from your vaults- then we should be made aware.

    I understand our forces are kept busy fighting the shadovar war- but the countless assaults on my person and the HEINOUS CURSE CAST ON MY PURE BLOODLINE should have been enough for the war wizards to amass to deal with this god-like monstrosity. It threatens everyone in Arabel with its presence, and though I've done my best to deal with it- I feel no force in Arabel can stand against this being any longer- I admit it even appears to contest the gods themselves.

    His only apparent weakness was seen today in the form of a shadow. It appeared to be a womans figure, but that is all I know. What could it be?

    If you have nothing for us then do not reply. We will be handling this monstrosity- I swear to do so for the sake of my people. And my family.

  • Admin [DM]

    Lord Bhaliir,

    Are you a noble of cormyr, or a whiny peasant who wants his betters to solve all his problems for him?

    He is wanted dead by the War Wizards. You have your license to hire whatever mercenaries to resolve the issue by any means necessary.

    War Wizard Jasper

  • Thankyou for finally revealing who you are. It appears I mistook you for a man of relevance BUT INFACT YOU ARE AN INSIGNIFICANT PISSANT WASTING MY TIME.

  • Admin [DM]

    I have bigger issues such an army of shadovar to the north than to deal with a disgraced house who fell from relevance a decade ago.

    Forward any further correspondence to your personal nanny. I am sure she can explain why Lheskir became a Beholder thrall again to you.


  • Yet another insult ment to provoke goes unanswered, as the lord refuses to waste his time on such a pest that apparently serves no worth to him.

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