Lord Edith Wyvernspur

  • Tentacle

    It's not hopeless. I cannot give you back your confidence, but I can help restore your faith in people. And their ability to trash sea monster worshipping pirates.


  • (Some flowers, a candy heart, and a poem land on Edith's desk this 14 Alturiak. And by land, I mean are delivered by Jon under the cover of invisibility, rogue's clothes, and stealth spells.)

    Candy Heart

    When your eyes close, no one knows
    The fire dormant in your soul
    And as the moments fly, I keep an eye
    You make my heart whole

    Know that, though, at the edge of the world
    Wherever the winds dare to blow
    They carry our memories with tenacity
    That song will be all yours, that song will be our own

    This great melody, roaring over land and sea
    But I would show you better yet
    With dragon's eyes and wild cries
    No adventure to forget

    I'll stand with you before panorama view
    And grin at biting wind
    To see your smile stretch far the mile
    And the paths we walk be twinned