Lorenia's Wondrous Wands and Scrolls

  • I am a healer of Torm able to craft divine wands and scrolls of Torm. Here is a list of some blessings I can instill into my crafts (the blessings are interchangeable between wands and scrolls):

    Cure Light/Moderate/Serious/Critical Wounds
    Bull's Strength
    Owl's Wisdom
    Shield of Faith
    Hammer of the Gods
    Freedom of Movement
    Death Ward
    Negative Energy Protection
    Protection from Evil
    Summon Monster 1-4
    Protection from Elements
    Endure Elements
    Resist Elements
    Divine Power
    Divine Favor
    Remove Fear
    Remove Paralysis
    Neutralize Poison
    Lesser Restoration
    Remove Disease
    Remove Blindness/Deafness
    Remove Curse

    Spell Resistance
    Monstrous Regeneration
    Summon Creature 5 & 6
    Raise Dead

    Please inquire with Lorenia for prices. I reserve the right to refuse my services to any specific person.

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  • Good Afternoon Lorenia,

    I'd like to make a few purchases when you have time. I'll make a sending for your or vice versa?

    ~Gale of The Golden Guard

  • @smokin-sunshine Of course, Gale. I'll be around the Spire, as usual.