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    Splarg needs a skilled diplomat to convince his wife to come back to him, and work at the World Serpent Inn as their new head chef!

    So, if you think this could be you; test your skills by trying to convince Sir Wyrmlocke to give 1000 gold to charity.

    Otherwise, we will need to break into some manner of fortress to save Splargs wife from her terrible fate of being remarried to a Githyanki Warlord and are thus recruiting veteran warriors as well.

    There will be pay, and you can steal whatever isn't nailed down - But Splarg's goodly first wife cannot be harmed!

    Show up at the Spire at the following timing if you wish to participate, especially if you are the diplomat; the diplomat will receive a bonus upon success! You can also meet us in the World Serpent. (Timing subject to change if need be)



    Bernard Huxley

  • //Lord Spiffy has postponed if not cancelled.

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