Inmai Mush's Museum of Curiosities

  • Interested buyers, Inmai Mush's Curiosities have procured several very valuable items recently. They are most interesting, and now for sale, after being granted to this humble trader by the courageous adventuring community of Arabel, whose legacy should be remembered and fulfilled under the leadership of the most marvelous Finn the Adventurer and his valiant companions.

    The Glory of the Sun
    This Relic was created centuries ago and belonged to the High Priest of Horus-Re. It was recovered in the Shark Goblin heist performed by the River Saints and was going to be used to empower a demonic ritual hosted by the Cult of Wyvernwater.

    The Greater Ooze Shard
    A token of power known to be able to bestow upon the bearer the gifts of Ghanaudur, the corrupter, upon the bearer. It was reclaimed at a raid within an Underdark.

    Inquiries and bids for purchase of these goods may be made, discretely and privately, with Inmai Mush. Credit available! Many other unique relics for sale! Any wish fulfilled!

  • Interested buyers, Inmai Mush has unfortunately sold these two relics to eager adventurers!

    I thank Lord Manzahar for purchasing the Glory of the Sun and I thank the Sewer King Hronk for purchasing the greater ooze shard!

    May you both prosper and Waukeen's blessing!

    Remember to check my posters regularly for new relics for sale!

    • Inmai Mush

  • For a limited time, I am offering a rare scrawled text, the fabled Page of Gvilwig.

    To learn more on how to acquire this artifact, bring a fellow adventurer and come to my museum of curiosities!

    • Inmai Mush

  • A new relic has been recovered for adventurers to purchase, the Dread Queen's Favour!

    Come seek to strike a bargain.

    • Inmai Mush

  • Inmai Mush thanks the Paladins Croviner and Benjamin for their united effort! Together, they have accepted the burden of the page of Gvilwig and will try to unravel it's mysteries!

    How exciting!

    • Inmai Mush

  • Due to feeling particularly romantic today, I've decided to hide some magical Candy hearts all over Arabel and her surrounding environs! Have fun finding these delicious little hearts!

    Let the treasure hunts begin!

    • Inmai Mush

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