Missive: Gloria Kraligh

  • Builders Guild

    Hey Gloria,

    I don't know if you are aware but I have resigned from House Wyvernspur, still, I promised I would take care of that Kraken of yours. Who knows, maybe we can continue doing some business with my current employment. Anyway, we found out about a Demon worshipping cult int he Wyvernwater that is appearantly doing things that are "awakening" this creature from its slumber beneath.

    We were able to halt it partially by reclaiming a relic and reagents they needed to keep doing the evil they were doing. Did you notice a reduce on the attacks?

    My crew and I will go after it to take care of the business for you, make sure to get us a good reward, and a personal favor for me.
    When all of it is done, write to Edith and give her the fish contract we were going to get, please.


  • Builders Guild

    The Kraken is gone. Will you keep your part of our deal?


  • Builders Guild

    [This missive is resent.]

  • [Resent again, an expensive envelope complete with a wax seal that could pass for a mark of importance]

  • Admin [DM]


    Stop sending me letters. I won't have business with drug-addled, mushroom huffing criminals who openly endorse crime in the center of the Citadel. The fact you helped remove a threat is about as incidental as a wolf killing rabbits in my garden. Sure, the carrots are secured, but the Wolf is still a filthy wolf and its pelt can fetch a price.

    Gloria Kraliqh

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