Letter: Lord Foril Bhaliir, Old Town Estate

  • To my Darling Foril,
    I was perhaps carried away yesterday. All those beatings I have taken as of late, can leave a girl a bit fuzzy. I made the bath attendant poor me a bath of of magical healing liquid. You should try it, it is most expensive, but a luxury beyond measure. It soothed my wounds greatly, but to ensure no permanent marks are left, I imagine I shall need something more potent. Perhaps you have an idea or a remedy that might help? Or perhaps Retainer Christoph does?

    I was approached by certain entities who hold you as dear to their hearts as I do, to try and make you see reason, in regards to your flirtations with the Clar Bandans. I looked through the archives, and if a deity must consume thousands of souls to rise to divinity, taken especially from the poorest population, are her servants truly worth your support?

    I am certain you have a plan, you always do. But do be careful. Keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer is always a fine plan, but do not let the sins of the father become the sins of the son. You do too much good in this world, for the evil lure of those wicked necromancers to destroy all you seek to do.

    Yours truly

  • To my beloved Elestra,

    Oh how blessed a man is to see the storm pass and the shocking waves of thunder be nothing but a reminder of ones mortality. For awhile I was afraid it would claim you- but you are the sturdiest woman of Toril. A woman worth fighting for. Sometimes, feeling fuzzy is just what we need to clear our head. I know one of my retainers is constantly begging me to beat them, while another constantly needs to be beaten to clear their head. I guess it's just a matter of taste? I'm pleased to hear your wounds are healing. To leave a single scar on such a smooth work of art as you would be an outrage. I will see what Ampharen can do, though I must warn you, he will never be as potent as a priestess of Sune when it comes to the delicate matters of beauty.

    As for the Followers of Clar Banda and their faith. I understand your concern, I truly do. The Faith of Clar Banda has ever been smeared by the acts of the few, who have sought to abuse the gift of magic against mankind. I understand well these horrors of our past. I am ashamed that name of my family is equally a reminder of dark times, when sanity was abandoned, and humanity suffered for it. And yet I follow in the footsteps of this accursed name, for I must- for my house, and for the people. If a man is to be judged blindly by the path he's forced upon, then how can any in Old Town have hope? And if a lord is deaf to the needs of his people, then how can he ever know how to aid them?

    In the end- If they provide to my people, then who am I to deny them? It's only through forgiveness that we can understand, and change the world for the better. Your concern still warms my heart. Thankyou Elestra, I deeply appreciate you.

    Warm regards,

  • Dearest Foril,
    After a talk with a ruffian from Old Town, I believe I have a way that we may be able to rid ourselves of the Temple of Bane, while at the same time washing our fingers of the ordeal. I shall come see you soon.

  • To my darling Foril,

    I hope the winter cold is not stopping you from your important work. When you return to the city, we must speak. I have announced my candidacy for the position of Warden, but I will need your loving support if I am to ever claim it. Imagine the good we could do you and I? I would be a lord in my own right. And you and I would finally be on more even footing. I expect you will notify me when you are back in the city.

    With all my heart can grant,

  • To my dearest Foril,

    With Hawklin seeking to appoint a chancellor, I imagine it is due time we sit down and discuss the matter, in person.


  • Indeed, my love. We will discuss the matter thoroughly, as there are several matters to consider.

    Warm regards,