Tempest's Quality Swords and Axes

  • I am offering my services as swordsmith and axesmith to the fellow adventurers of Arabel. I don't craft my weapons in bulk no more, I forge metal with passion, into pieces of art. Come to me with a request and fair gold, and I'll make you a weapon, be it iron, bronze, silver or steel, with which you will bond.

    Other goods for sale:

    1. Plate of the Hydra (full plate, darkvision). 450 gold.

    2. Slaad Hunter Plate (Full plate, +1 Will, +2 ac vs CN). 700 gold

    3. Serpent's Friend (Ring, +3 saving throw vs poison, resistance(5) 1x/day). 150 gold

    1. Cold Iron Falchion, Greatsword and Halberd, 300 each.

    2. Bronze Greataxe and Greatmaul, 1750 each.

    3. Silver Longsword and Scimitar, 2000 each.

    4. Steel Helmet and Gauntlets, 2500 each.

    5. Bronze Whetstone, 350 each.

  • Freeforged Tempest,

    This one asks for Serpent's Friend and Steel Gauntlets.

    Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr

  • Tempest,

    I would request a pair of steel forged gauntlets. Is there a discount for providing the netherese alloy required? I have the two ingots available.

    I would know if you can craft a silver diremace, if not i will purchase the silver scimitar.

    Vorigan the Arisen

  • A pair of steel gauntlets and a steel helmet, please.

    I would love to see the art you make - but you will have to describe it to me when it is made. Keep in mind the helmet would need openings for my horns. If you need to see me in person beforehand, I will try to seek you out again.

    Glyphscribe of Deneir.

    alt text

  • Yes, there is discounts for those who bring me the material needed for the crafts. Find me, Glyphscribe, Find me, Arisen.

    On an other note... My search for the precious Adamantine continues. I have traveled to the mountains and the underdark, all in search of this metal, but found nothing. While I keep raiding the black elfs lairs and explore remote cavern systems in order to find some on my own. I call for the fellow Arabellan adventurers to keep their eyes wide open should they find some. I have little gold as of now, but I can pay a debt in other means.


  • Currently taking orders on silver and steel swords and axes. Im also looking to buy star iron as well as information or lore pertaining to sentient weapons, more precisely how to create them.

  • Crowborne leaves a note for Tempest.

    If you've the steel for a twin-bladed sword, I will order one. I have one alloy to offer for the project as well.


  • Can you craft steel scimitars? If so, how much are they?

    Vorigan the Arisen

  • I cannot, I need to have a diagram of it drawned for me, then I will be able to. Or find one, and that will work also...