The spoils of the Faithful of Clar Banda

  • [The following poster is placed up in Shylocks]

    Vorigan the Arisen has the following wares that will be sold within Shylocks for those who would seek him out and make a reasonable offer.

    Plate of the Hydra - (ac8, darkvision) x2 (one set is customizable if thats something you want).

    Skin and Bones - (leather armour, +2ac, cleric slots at lvl 1 and 2, 5dr vs negative energy, Doom 1/day)

    Purple Squires shield (large shield +1 ac, 5% immunity to fire and acid)

    Splatter protector (Helmet, 5dr vs bludgeoning, 10% vuln to acid and fire, 50% vuln to magical)

    Magic wand of invisibility sphere - 31 unused charges.

    The hide, two bones, and meat, of a Dire Crocodile.

    Make offers here or seek out Vorigan the Arisen.

  • This post is deleted!

  • [new posters are placed within Shylocks]

  • I want to buy that Splatter Protector. My bid starts at 500 coin.

    Fat Yurin
    Grinning Goat

  • 600 for the Splatter helm.

    Perry Senson.

  • The Splatter helm is sold.