The Gilded Gents Proclamations

  • [These posters come up, quietly, in the fall of dusk in several locations.]

    • Something was taken from you and needs to be returned?
    • Something you lost, needs to be found?
    • Something from someone else?
    • Somewhere you want to break in?
    • Somewhere you want to break off?
    • Someone you want recovered?

    Leave word to the Gilded Gents and make your offer.

  • No freedom can be taken from an individual.
    No act of cowardice will happen under our watch.
    Nothing is above the liberties and rights of the weak and abandoned.

    The Gilded Gents of Old Town will always see to the protection of the residents of this fine land, rooting out those that wish to poison and destroy them.
    Those willing to take their place on this growing revolution, may come share words with one of our envoys.
    If you wish to do business with us, we are all ears to listen to you.

    Such are our ways, such are our norms.
    Stay safe, and watch out for puddles.

    King Cassiel

  • The Knight of the Post Silentstroke is no longer a member in our tradesman entourage, you may all inquire with him personally for his services.
    To all partners, customers and Silentstroke himself, the deals struck between all parties during his time of presence in our ranks are still effective.

    Failure to adhere to the terms or breaking of any of those rules will not be tolerated and will have consequences to the involved parties.

  • The Gilded Gents of Old Town would like to remind the adventuring populace and the gangs of Old Town that animation of the undeath, summoning of Demons, Devils and Elder Evils will not be tolerated. We will interfere with any and all attempts we find of that happening and will bring swift response to you.

    We would also invite all secret whisperers to send us information that would lead us to the location of the criminals Leshane and The Healer, two scoundrels that did not honor the code of the Knights of the Post and now will pay dearly. A bounty of 10.000 golden lyons is paid for their capture or for information that would lead to their capture.

  • The Gilded Gents of Old Town continue to look for the best talent to join our ranks.
    Do you think you have what it takes, send word, our associates will evaluate you.

    King Cassiel

  • A grand opportunity has risen and will be claimed in the following days, for that we require the help of 4 skilled tradesman/tradeswoman.
    Are you one of those?
    Write to King Cassiel about your interest and one of our representatives will find you.

  • The Kraken of Western Wyvernwater and the Cult of Dagon, is no more.
    One less of a threat to the dear people of Arabel and Cormyr.

    A courtesy of the Gilded Gents and all its allies to an insecure girl that is deeply missed.

    // @Puffy

  • Bounties offered by the Gilded Gents

    - **Information on whereabouts of the criminals Leshane and The Healer** - 10.000 gold on information that will help us find them. - **Information on lost tombs, temples, relics, ruins** - Ranging from 100 gold to 5.000 gold, alongside the opportunity to venture with us. - **Information on River Saints and other Pirate Groups** - Ranging from 100 gold to 5.000 gold. - **Information on the Clar Bandite Civil War over the Forgotten House** - Ranging from 100 gold to 5.000 gold. - **Information on the Cult of Dagon and Dagon itself** - Ranging from 100 gold to 5.000 gold. - **Information on Threats to Freedom and emerging Tyrant Forces** - Ranging from 100 gold to 5.000 gold. - **Bloodstones, Bleakstones and Bottled Fey released** - 50 gold per piece. - **Slain demons and devils body parts** - 50 gold per part given.

    King Cassiel

  • Admin [DM]

    many in old town look quite curious at the rise of the gilded gents...

  • The Gilded Gents and many other adventurers, led by the Freedom Envoy Christopher Ampharen of House Bhaliir, were able to storm a shadovar mine in the hearts of the Auranoch to rescue slaves and kill an Elder Eye Tyrant.

    To add a cherry to the top, that accursed mine was also blown up and caved in right into the buttocks and head of a hungry Phaerrim that decided to show its wiggly body to us.

    Know that the true defenders of your freedom are amidst you. You can be a part of this revolution, let go of your fears and join us.

  • Tilverton is finally free of the Shackles of Shadows and Undeath. The Church of Akadi lead a band of Gilded Gents and adventurers into a display that will go down in Cormyrian History!

    You can trust the new village will have a chapter of the finest tradesmen of Arabel.

    Praise Akadi, Praise Gond, Praise Shaundakul and the Scamp!

  • It is with great pride and a slight of cringe that once again a high profile criminal was captured by the joint effort of the Gilded Gents and other adventurers, only to see it escape by the incompetent hands of the Law.

    First the Gnome King, White Worm Cultist, now Hronk, the Abomination.

    When will you realize you should trust us to make you safe and take good care of this city?
    What good is the law if not to oppress you?

    King Cassiel

  • Admin [DM]

    These notices are taken down where found in the Citadel and in Downtown.

  • In the Meandering Grottos, an Elder Beholder of great power has enthralled hundreds of creatures in the underdark, forcing them to find the Sparks of Divinity. The Gilded Gents would like to inform about the opportunities this bestows upon all daring enough to persue it:

    • Recovering the Sparks of Divinity is the tool that will be used to destroy the Phaerrim menace;
    • The War Wizards are offering 100.000 gold for its recovery;
    • Dozens of Mythalite, Adamantine, Mithral, Rare Gemstones mines are left unatended waiting to be raided;
    • Drow and Duergar Settlements are somewhat emptied, filled with powerful magical artifacts and relics, waiting to be taken;

    The question remains, what are you waiting for?

    King Cassiel

  • We made you, the City of Arabel, a promise. A promise that today our associates, alongside their allies, have delivered upon you.
    The Chaos Brigade, The White King and the Red Hag Deriza are no more.

    A joint effort of all goodly folks that passed through these lands. Side by side with men and women of valor.

    Old Town shall remain free. The Gilded Gents and its allies will see that it remains that way.
    Beware and watch out for puddles.

    King Cassiel

  • [These notices appear throughout Old Town.]

    The Old Town district is now under the protection of the Gilded Gents of Arabel. Hereby the Code of the Knights of the Post is to be looked upon, for anyone willing to break it, may suffer from its consequences from this day on.

    The Oldtown Code

    • No animation of Undeath, Infernalism or alliance with known infernalists will be tolerated;
    • No smuggling or trading of anything that hurts folks: Slave trading, Bloodstones, Bleakstones, Infernal Stones included;
    • No kidnappings or muggings of decent folk permitted;
    • No harming, stealing, borrowing from women, children and folks that are helping other folks;
    • The Ilmatari shrine, Momma Alley and Shylocks are Cynosure and should be left neutral and alone;

    If any of you become victim of someone's tyranny or evil in the Oldtown, leave word at the Shylocks, Grinning Goat, Spire of Maleen to any member of the Gilded Gents.
    We will see whoever is harming or breaking these rules punished.

    King Cassiel

  • [All across Old Town, Downtown and the Citadel, posters with these marks appear.]

    alt text

  • Dread Knights of Clar Banda are hereby recognised as Undeath and will be destroyed when seen in Old Town. Those that summon it forth will also have to handle the consequences.

  • Deriza the Red Hag has been slaughtered to bits alongside her coven of spider and hagspawn. All thanks to the tireless effort of Calder Daxx and his allies.

    The Gilded Gents and the Gilded Guard partook on this hunt. Know that you and your children can sleep well from now on thanks to this joint effort.

  • The River Saints have now adhered to the Old Town Code. We are still looking to hear from other organizations, are you going to pretend you are deaf and blind to the transformation happening in Old Town? Will you partake or be trampled by it?