Blind Scribbles: Saranja's Diary

  • The Magician.
    The Queen of Cups.
    The Knight of Rods.

    I still count my friends among the cards.

    Before my mind is set to go,
    I'll tell you what I can,
    My brain trickles through my tongue,
    And plays upon my hand.

    I saw a strange and laughing man,
    And asked what made him joke,
    He told me he once ate a fly,
    And was trying not to choke,

    But then he started laughing,
    And made the fly pop out,
    And then the days and minutes went,
    But he forgot to count.

    I really wish I hadn't stayed,
    But I had to hear the rest,
    So then we laughed and then we walked,
    Along the road up west.

    I asked again why we laughed,
    But could not stop the sound,
    I counted whiskers on my cheek,
    And started barking like a hound,

    "I heard a man a-talking,
    And laughing oh-so free,
    Never had I met a man,
    As good and glad as he."

    And so I heard him laughing,
    And took its gentle sound,
    But the thing was not as fit,
    Upon my voice, I found.

    I laughed so hard it shook the ground,
    And scared my thoughts away,
    And now instead of sleeping,
    I'm laughing where I lay.

    He wandered off the westward road,
    I stayed behind and stared,
    Both ways danced the laughing man,
    Who had no wants or cares.

  • Claeryss of Wyvernspur -
    Ten of Rods, Reversed - Covers
    Conflict of opposites, difficulty.
    Ace of Rods - Crosses
    A time of beginnings - marriage, birth, creation or the emotional momentum behind them.
    The Lovers - Crowns
    Conflict between attraction and the necessity of responsibility. Beauty and inner harmony.
    Eight of Rods, Reversed - Below
    Guilt, jealousy and internal struggle.
    Four of Rods, Reversed - Behind
    Material and emotional blessings, prosperity and the perfection of one's affairs.
    The Fool - Before
    Denotes the positive inner forces which influence an individual.
    Seven of Swords - Represents
    Plans, hopes and expectations and the frustrations that come with them.
    The Hermit, Reversed - Environment
    Denotes an inability to mature, to deepen one's wisdom with years.
    The Empress - Hopes
    Fertility in body or mind, initiative and action.
    Queen of Cups - Outcome
    A beautiful, loving woman. Intuitive, practical. Happy marriage.

    At the time of the read, she is conflicted with opposites. With the Ten of Rods, Reversed covering and the Ace of Rods crossing her, I believe that her conflict is to do with her partner, and that the emotion, despite being well-meaning has caused her some grief. Being crowned with The Lovers shows her wants quite easily. The Eight of Rods, Reversed as well as the Four of Rods, Reversed show a change in what she considers perfection, again in part caused by The Lovers. She is represented by the Seven of Swords, and shows that she is clearly thinking forward, to herself and others, though The Hermit, Reversed shows a difficulty in maturity, perhaps failing to learn from past mistakes - or perhaps in the company she keeps that guides her wrongly. Her hopes tie well into the outcome, The Empress and the Queen of Cups. She hopes to become The Empress, a woman of strong conviction and action, well-respected. The Queen of Cups pertains to marriage, becoming someone practical and loving. A good read.

    Rabdahr Wyrmlocke -
    Two of Rods - Covers
    Though one holds the world in the palm of his hand in the sense of wealth, dominion and magnificence, sadness is still indicated.
    Queen of Swords - Crosses
    A saddened woman, representing widowhood, grievance and separation.
    Ace of Cups, Reversed - Crowns
    Bankruptcy, revolution, change.
    Nine of Cups, Reversed - Below
    Overemphasis on the physical and material side of one's being, imperfections.
    King of Pentacles - Behind
    A dark man of good intelligence and strong convictions who is considerate and affectionate.
    Ace of Pentacles, Reversed - Before
    Deterioration of character through wrong attitude toward wealth; the evil side of wealth.
    Knight of Rods, Reversed - Represents
    Conflict, division in emotional or business life.
    Ten of Pentacles - Environment
    Pertains to family matters, such as lineage.
    Eight of Cups - Fears
    A withdrawal from the present situation, a decline of a matter that is little in the care of good or evil.
    Page of Cups, Reversed - Outcome
    Obstacles, responsibilities unassumed.
    Death - Freely Drawn
    Death, rebirth, change in areas of one's consciousness. Change in life.

    The read tells of a man who has sought for a long time to gather wealth and power in an attempt to slake his thirst, only to realize that gold is not useful for a man who has failed to mourn. His pursuit has caused him changes, deterioration of the King of Pentacles. He is troubled by the Queen of Swords who opposes him, and stands on a foundation of material things. He is divided in what he wants to pursue, and yet his drawing of Death shows that he may be willing to change from the path presented to him. It could also show that he is to decline on this path, that the division and conflict will ultimately kill him - the Page of Cups, Reversed shows this much.

  • Crowborne -
    Ace of Cups, Reversed - Covers
    Revolution. Change.
    Ten of Swords - Crosses
    A card of trouble and suffering. Ruin, pain, affliction - but not a violent death.
    The Hanged Man - Crowns
    One must die to the social order to dispense justice or to continue on one's path of growth. Spirituality, intuition, self-sacrifice.
    Ace of Pentacles - Below
    Intelligence, bliss, contentment.
    Five of Pentacles, Reversed - Behind
    Obstacles to resolution of personal relations, deep loneliness.
    The Five of Cups, Reversed - Before
    A new alliance, hope, perhaps the return of a friend or loved one.
    The Empress - Represents
    Fertility in body or mind, initiative and action. Good luck.
    Seven of Swords, Reversed - Environment
    Counsel, instruction, sound advice.
    The Hierophant, Reversed - Hopes/Fears
    Unorthodoxy, openness to new ideas.
    The Magician, Reversed - Outcome
    The use of power to destructive ends. Bad luck.

    This read tells of a lonely man. Desperate to overcome his past struggles in the Five of Pentacles, Reversed, his haste to move forward toward the Five of Cups, Reversed in turn may cause him woe through The Magician, Reversed, destroying himself, or those around him. He is man of luck and ability to do great things, as seen in The Empress, though it is implied that she would listen to sound advice in the Seven of Swords, Reversed, it is unclear whether the counsel he is given leads him toward the The Magician, Reversed or if he simply does not heed it. Perhaps it does not matter either way. Perhaps that the use of such destructive power is what leads him to reunite with those he has lost. A troubling read, attached to an interesting person. I hope to speak to him again soon.

    I met a friend. I'd never met her before, but she must have jumped out of a page of a storybook, just like I did. She wishes to go back. I cannot blame her.

  • She moves, like Death, from place to place,
    From every wayside inn,
    With her white and ghostly face,
    And with her knowing grin,

    She weaves a tale from her cards,
    For woe as much for weal,
    To tell you of the guiding Star,
    Or Fortune on its Wheel.

    The cards, they have their pressure,
    Her words to add their own,
    And grinning like a cheshire,
    Or a madman on the throne-

    She dictates every movement,
    Or thought you might have made,
    The Hermit seeks improvement,
    On the path he strayed.

    The pictures tell of more than that,
    Of more than men and mice,
    And though they lay still where they're sat,
    They speak their sage advice.

    And in them she drowns deeply,
    Drinking every word,
    She sings them back so sweetly,
    As something in her stirs.

    She strings up people in their stations,
    Upon her celtic cross,
    Down to but their base foundations,
    Built from love and loss.

    And as the outcome wracks your soul,
    The path is put away,
    The pieces nothing; made un-whole,
    But still they sit to weigh.

    And it rides beside you,
    Across the Moon and Sun,
    It dares to sleep beside you,
    When every day is done.

    But you don't rest your weary head,
    For the sooths still left to say,
    Of love and life and people dead;
    You'll see it the next day.

  • I feel the pressure building up,
    It soaks the outside air,
    It'd choke me if I breathed it in -
    If I'd even dare.

    I'd gasp for but a brief reprieve,
    But none will come my way,
    As round the moon drops down west,
    And night turns into day,

    The sinking dark phenomenon,
    Of those repeated words,
    "A Spark, a Spark!" I hear them say;
    The beggars, kings and birds.

    They sing the thing to save them,
    Yet still don't understand,
    Between the lines upon a page,
    Beneath the loam and land.

    To press my hand within that light,
    To burn and then to smoulder,
    To drop the blindfold from my eyes,
    The beauty and beholder.

  • I close my eyes and fall asleep,
    And wake up somewhere else,
    I'm heavy like I'm waterlogged,
    And have no sense of self.

    I am the breeze between the trees,
    I am the moonlit stream,
    I am death and I am life,
    The stitches in the seam.

    I brush along this world of mine,
    And see it melt away,
    And change upon my subtle whims,
    All while still I lay.

    I rearrange the stars I see,
    Into pictures bright,
    My brand new constellations sing,
    And all is well and right.

    But sometimes when my mind's adrift,
    And weighed with greater things,
    Fire flows across the hills,
    And melts away my skin.

    The stars begin to whisper soft,
    They tell me of the end,
    And give a final testament,
    To my never-friends.

    My tears seem to fill the world,
    Like water in a cup,
    And feeling dread and deeper death,
    I cry and then wake up.