Priest Moonfall of Banda

  • Many moons ago, when the Shadovar came to the Anauroch, this one refused to flee. Taking the warriors of many Tribes, this one fought to resist the Shadovar. This one failed. Hundreds of Warriors died because this one was filled with pride. This one refused to flee.

    This one became a slave, the others were all killed, or wounded unto death.

    For many years this one has been a slave, tormented by the spirits of the dead. This one's dreams are filled with their faces, the dead demanding vengeance, clamouring for my soul to join them. They will not relent. Each night's dream has them appear and reappear, asking why I have not joined them.

    Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr


  • @thune

    a letter arrives for one named Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr

    I have read your letter carefully Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr.

    Instead of letting them drag your soul to the realm of the dead, they should be the ones to return to the mortal realm and console you perishing and leaving you behind. It is fair and just to be selfish, just as selfish are those spirits who seek to devour you.

    Do you seek vengeance?
    An audience with the dead to finally make amends with?

    Remember, once more. It's fair to be selfish. You have not perished and have kept your pride while they died. Being prideful is not a sin.

  • They do not belong in this realm, yet it is true what you say, they desire revenge.

    They haunt my dreams. They hover at the corner of mine eye.

    Is there perhaps some way to call them forth, to do battle against the Shadovar? Even if it is only for a while.

    Maraduk-Sa'ar al-Saqr

  • A letter winds it way to Manzahar

  • Come before me and we will speak, fear not the dead, that do not lurk and creep.

    Into lost lover's gaze, will you stare and unto the strong Bedine I warn beware.

    The ghosts of the past are not ones to let go easily, from the mortal that bred them misery.

    Come to the Cathedral of Clar Banda and speak with me.

    Count Manzahar

  • Where that?

    Sheikh Maraduk