Sons of the Merchant King

  • A self-proclaimed dwarven noble who has traveled some distance to reach Arabel with his company of dwarves. As they arrive, they look to enterprise their trade on goods in any way they can... Whether they be legal or illicit.

    The Sons of the Merchant King will work based on deals with all different sorts of PCs, always doing anything with any one so long as it turns them a profit in one way or another.

    The Sons of the Merchant King came from origins unknown, and seem different than most dwarves, as if there's just something not quite right...

    Profit is key in this trading company, but why? To what end? What is fueling their needs? What is it that makes them different from other dwarves?

    Race: Dwarf
    Alignment: Any non-good
    Classes: Paladins, monks, druids, and clerics will probably all make little sense with this concept.
    Deity: The Sons of the Merchant King are followers of yes, the Merchant king himself, Vergadain.

    This concept is going to be shrouded in intrigue and mystery, so if there are people serious about joining please send me a PM. I will likely only begin this group if there is interest from a few others to get on board.

    Note: My character will likely require an application though it is probably optional whether you need one or not if you want on board.

  • Sounds like a great concept, I'll start coming up with some ideas and will join IG once things get going.

  • Sounds like my kind of thing. Wonderful.

  • Is this still happening? I was thinking of creating an app character that fitted in quite well with this.

  • Well, no. But you can certainly have it if you'd like 🙂

  • Ill work out an app for what i have planned and give you a shout @bowser