Vineshade - Sammie Twigfeller

  • Sammie,

    Have I ever mentioned how much I miss Vineshade? There’s a peach tree on the southern side by the guard’s barracks- just past the burrow. It’s got this ugly green stone halo around it in the cobbles, but if you look down by the roots you’ll see ‘OM + LS’. Yeah, we were total rebels- defacing public property? Perish the thought!

    Fitting that we were both guards, huh?

    He proposed to me under that tree one lazy afternoon. Just a quiet thing with a loaf of bread and a peach we totally didn’t steal before harvest. No sir. I said yes this time. After five years of him asking, I said yes. I’m glad I did. It was some of the happiest ten years of my life to that point or since.

    Seems to me that most of the best things come from Vineshade, huh? Except Darlena’s pies-- never will horseradish go with apples, I don’t care what she says.

    It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. I’m still trying to get better about the keeping in touch thing, but you know how I am. . . .tomorrow becomes next week becomes when I remember to. I’m on a different path these days, though, and I’m trying to fix those little things I always swore I would.

    Gods, it’s been a crazy few months-- in the span of time since we left, there’s been a new war started with the Shade, Bhaliir came back (Not sure if you’re familiar with him but he’s not good news. Never has been.), another noble came and went and Lord Lhal retired from her position as warden of Arabel.

    The new warden isn’t a bad fit for what the city needs; a hard line Helmite (I think). Kind of left a shitty bad impression on me when he executed a bunch of penal legionaries because one of the militia’s sergeants were killed by one of them. Even after I killed the legionnaire responsible. . . .but such are the ways of humans, I suppose.

    For my part, Akadi accepted me as Her official messenger and since then, I’ve grown into her role of priesthood quite decently I think. I’ve even come to carry a sacred lightning bolt (yeah, an actual lightning bolt! It’s crazy!) I’m having issues growing the ‘church’ since most of my disciples seem to be content to just ride my coat tails or don’t necessarily understand how to push things forward. I’m working on that, though, and I hope it’ll pan out in the long run.

    It’s been a pretty wild ride, actually. We even went riding a gargantuan wyvern with lord Wyvernspur (Edith) that was pretty neat. Still want to bring her to take Akadi as her patron, but I guess that’s going to be one of those things that’ll come in time or not at all.

    Before I forget, we also put a dent in Tilverton’s curse. Akadi’s wind’s blow through there now and the Lord Warden has said that if we’re able to continue providing service to Cormyr (presumably breaking the curse and other stuff), we might be granted Tilverton as our lands. If that happens, I’d invite you to come spend some time there. We could live it up for a bit or something.

    After the village is reclaimed and a temple raised, I’ll probably hit the road. So it’ll either be your place or mine.

    I’m looking forward to that, actually. Maybe finally get over that ‘wish I had’ in the back of my mind. Even if not, it’d be great to see you again.

    How’re you doing?

    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

  • A letter would soon find its way back, an express courier who had obviously been paid a lot of gold to make such a rapid trip. He handed over a wax-sealed letter, the symbol of a door ajar and a large parcel.

    Ophirae Miavyre,

    The tree is still going strong. I asked my dad, and apparently his dad's dad planted it! I can't say that I can disagree with you on the pie front, though. She'll still have a bunch of them made come the next Hearthday. Speaking of which, consider yourself cordially invited, if you can make it in time - I wouldn't dare drag you away from your adventures.

    Don't worry about me. I'm doing alright, and you've no idea how good getting this letter is to me. You're much too hard on yourself, you've always been a good egg and a smart cookie.

    I've been keeping up with the news, though it seems a lot less impactful all the way over here. Just the way halfling towns are, I reckon. Next time you're down, we're celebrating for a few days at least, I'm very happy that you're a proper priest - is that a champion then? Official messenger sounds really important. Should I start calling you Priestess? Do I have to?

    I know how it can be. Me and you are both quixotic in a way. Always put too much on our own shoulders without realizing. Make sure you're keeping it easy in your downtime, not worth staying stressed for too long.

    I'm doing wonderfully. Soon as I got home, I slept for a day and a half. Ate five home-made pies when I woke up, kissed my ma, hugged my da and proposed to the Cyrollalean boy I like. He said yes, but he was really shocked to see me just on one knee - don't think I've seen him in years. I was kind of expecting his missus to walk up next to him from how scared he looked. He said yes, though. You're talking to Mrs Sammie Twigfeller. I made him take my last name. You and him would get along - a lot of faith in this house, I tell you that much. He's called Oliver, and he's the sweetest heart this side of anywhere.

    Plan to take him out adventuring when I get that itch again. I reckon he wants to see the world too, just needs an excuse to get him out of town for a bit. I always dreamed about being a knight with a squire - might be a bit different since he's my husband. I really love him please come and meet him and tell me you love him too, thanks.

    Our house is still a bit sparse, but there's always going to be a room for you, for however long you want it. Please, please, please come visit me. We've got so much to catch up on.

    Your ever faithful friend,
    Sammie Twigfeller

    PS. Please bring that lightning bolt you wield. I'd love to see the look on my dad's face.
    PPS. Enjoy the parcel. Eat it all before it goes bad!
    PPPS. Please stay safe, I can't save you all the way over here!

    alt text

    Inside the parcel was a veritable buffet. A few seed cakes, some homemade tarts, a bottle of Twigfeller Honey Mead, a small pot of mulberry jam, some wrapped up orange-flavoured Salbread and finally, a single peach. There was a jam-stained note that simply said "To my best friend, keep your strength up!"

  • @vagabond3103


    Forgive any seedcake oil stains on this, I’m finishing off the last one now in celebration (hint hint). You know I’m always going to be Ophi to you— or some variant of that, I guess; you put it best I think. We’re both quixotic creatures and yet we somehow aim for the best in all things and all people.

    Even sometimes against our better judgment, huh? I’ve had a few of those lately-- always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt until they show me they’re unworthy of it. I even changed my mind about the man who killed someone I considered something of a friend. Life is strange, but over the course of time and our lives we can form new opinions. One of the greatest virtues of a thinking mind,I think.

    So how’s married life treating you? It’s only been a couple months, I suppose, but sometimes a single breath can feel like a lifetime. Hope you’re both keeping well, Oliver sounds like a good sort- and he’s got to have the patience of a saint to be dealing with you. (Or just really good reflexes and eyesight to catch you sneaking up on him.)

    [The writing becomes a little more hesitant.] You know, I’d love to come spend a few weeks hassling you and Oliver, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to in the forseeable future. Nothing bad, quite the opposite in fact, and while I’m not entirely sure what the future will hold, I’m. . . .excited about this undertaking.

    In my last letter I think I told you we were working on putting a dent in the Tilverton curse.

    We broke it. With a lot of work from a lot of different people, and help from unexpected sources, we managed to break the darkness. Tilverton’s undead have been put to rest (I buried most of them myself) and the Lord Warden along with the Crown have granted the church of Akadi Tilverton as something known as a Bishopric. All of this as a way of saying we own the land, we control it and we’re responsible for it.

    It’s. . . .surreal.

    But I’m hopeful we can make it a place worth visiting, a place worthy of the values and the things either of us would want to bring into the world. I suppose time will tell, but the sheer amount of land (the Tilverwood is pretty dense!) encompassing the Wood that came out of the plane of shadow, the village itself and the Ride. There’s a lot to do here, a lot of work.

    It also means that for the obvious future, I’m going to be ‘stuck’ here until I raise the church some and find a suitable person to take my place.

    All told, I’m cautiously optimistic-- if I can run a brothel for six years, I’m sure I can manage a village for long enough to make it profitable before I hand it off to someone else of the faith. Or maybe we’ll get our council setup and I can operate in absentia.

    So many weird things, but we’ll get there.

    Then I’ll be home.



    Town of Tilverton

    [A package of finely made honey mead, acorn meal bread and alchemically preserved fish rolls in vibrant flavors is included with a simple card that reads: “From Tilverton’s trees and waters.” A second wrapped package marked ‘For Oliver’ includes a ring of eyes, a box made of card stock, a small stick, string and fresh strawberries.]