An odd sighting in Eveningstar

  • In the predawn hours, several groggy Purple Dragon Blades form up outside the garrison. Captain Harris appears and takes role call before he runs the unit around the castle for an hour before forcing them to do battle drills. Serveral Blades are stacked single file against a tree and forced to push against it, with other Blades taking turns squaring off against eachother in pairs with blunted tourney weapons. The whole time Captain Harris is running around like a demon, singling out the weakest Blades for additional instruction. The Blades are forced to PT through chow time not stopping until 0800, then fed a meager meal from their packs of cold rations before being released by a disgusted looking Captain Harris

  • the next day the Blades form up again, and Captain Harris takes them on a run around the Garrison and Eveningstar, through the woods on a winding path, all the while calling out a running cadence the exhausted Blades repeat.

    Mamma told Johnny not to go downtown

    The Dragon recruiter was a hanging around

    Johnny went downtown anyway

    To hear what the recruiter had to say

    The recruiter asked Johnny what he wanted to be

    Johnny said I want to join the infantry

    Johnny went marching off to Thunlatar

    There Johnny fought the Shadovar

    He killed a hundred men with his bow and blade

    And gods only know how many lives he saved

    Yeah Johnny was bad and he was brave

    Johnny took on a Shadovar mage

    Spell and sword clashed that day

    And Johnny brought him low before he caved

    Before he died this is what he said

    To tell his mother when he was dead

    Mamma mamma don't you cry

    The Dragon motto is do or die

    Singing low right a low right ley-O

    Low right a left right ley-O

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