Thieves, UNITE.

  • We're looking for rogues for a little something that is going on. Please hit me up for details.

  • We currently have 2 members and have some things planned within the coming weeks.

  • PC faction is growing:

    • Rogues (Thieves)
    • Rangers (Specialists)
    • Thugs (Fighters/Barbarians)
    • Arcane Tricksters (Wizards)

    Of any and all aligments are very much appreciated. We just did a couple of successful jobs and getting traction.


  • Not only have we gotten some decent traction, but we are now sponsored by some kickass NPC in Arabel. Time to enroll is now!

    If the following makes sense to your concept, think about us!

    The Codes of the Knights of the Post are available to all Gilded Gents. Upon entering, you agree to all of these, and should you leave, know that they will forever stick to you - so will consequences of not following them.

    • Secrecy of all deals, ordeals and information you learn while as a Gilded Gent.
    • Never trust the law to handle matters better than our own.
    • Defend others freedom at all costs.
    • Target Evil, Tyrants, False Good-doers.
    • Break a deal, pay the price. Break the code, handle the consequences.

    King Cassiel

  • Several opportunities unveiling. We are sponsoring new PCs with gear, payment opportunity to be protagonists on many freedom/chaos/good plots around the server. Just hit me up with your concept ideas and I'll help you sort it out.

  • Our team has increased even more. We have sponsorship of one of the biggest NPCs around. If you wanna play a freedom fighter, chaos concept, neutral or good aligned, this is your time to shine. We're the Robin Hoods of Arabel and we never pay taxes.

    Hit me up with your ideas and we can brainstorm together.

  • This has grown so much. Right now we're the biggest force in Old Town and Arabel as a whole, helping people do their ordeals. Theres a lot of opportunity to be both leader and follower with us. So hit us up with your concepts, we'll be around waiting to have you!