Official Challenge – Private Lipton

  • Long has Cormyr worked to fight off the Empire of Shade, those who would enslave and corrupt the free peoples of the world even as they grow fat on the backs of that slave labor.

    The goddess Akadi embodies that freedom in whole and would smile upon any nation that frees people from the chains of oppression-- to liberate them is the highest honor one can hold under the Azure. Our actions speak for ourselves as we bring wind back to Tilverton and break the curse that holds Cormyr’s nation hostage.

    However, when someone would dare accuse the Free of being Shadowvar spies even as he works to bring Cormyrian citizens to death without trial, the hand of reprisal will be likewise swift and appropriate.

    For his slander against Akadi and the Faithful, the Church officially issues a challenge of non-lethal duel against Private Lipton to be carried out immediately upon his acceptance. Failure to accept will be an admission of his lies and an open declaration of hostility towards the very air he breathes to spin those lies. This will be answered in kind.

    However, the church will offer an out if the private pens a sincere and complete written apology including an admission of his intent to see Cormyrian citizens murdered whilst in his care. No further hostilities will take place, and the matter will be considered laid to rest.

    If he wishes to retain a shred of dignity, he will come to the Primordial’s Eye and pay penance before the Azure Kiss.

    He has one complete day from this posting to decide.

    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    High Priestess of Akadi

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