The Guild of Mechanists announces: The Dimensional Anchor

  • Crimson Guard

    The Guild of Mechanists has designed a wonder of Gond to pull Tilverton from the shadows and make it inhabitable once more.

    The aid of dedicated adventurers is needed to see this to fruition.

    We seek the aid of goodly priests or Paladins to bless Celestial Silver which will be the head of the anchor!

    We seek the purest of waters for tempering the anchor and a faithful of the water lord to link it to the plane of water

    We seek the rubble of a powerful earth elemental blessed by a druid or servant of a nature diety to form a link to the plane of Earth.

    We seek gems from the Fire Tunnels in the Underdark, Blessed by the Shrine of Kossuth in the Volcano to form a link to the Plane of Fire.

    Contact a Guild Member should you desire to aid

  • Crimson Guard

    The Guild of Mechanists and the faith of Gond thank Benjamin of Shaukandal and Dauen of Torm for thier aid in the blessing of the head of the anchor.

    This forms a valuable step in the reclimation of Tilverton.

    Christoph of Gond

  • Crimson Guard

    A raid on a Shadovar Mine has uncovered a gem containing flames, A perfect piece to form the fire link needed.

    Work continues to reclaim Tilverton and make it a place of knowledge, innovation and trade

    Seeker Ampharen, Church of Gond

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