Seeking a tutor of sword play

  • Elestra Thundersword is seeking a tutor in the fine art of the sword. I have yet to choose a proper tool of war, and thus welcome teachings in proper use of a longsword, and how to improve my ability to bring to the dirt, the many filthy criminals about town.

    Pen a missive to the Fine Hells, for Elestra of House Thundersword, should you be capable of teaching a highborn student.

  • ((This also includes How to improve my PVP abilities. Will pay in RP and happy thoughts!))

  • A missive would arrive at the Fine Hells, wax-sealed with the sword and shield of Tempus.

    To Lady Thundersword

    I am Sister Sable of the Convent of Valour, while I am trained in all forms of martial combat and would happily teach you the Rules of War as they were taught to me. Send for me when is convenient for you, we will train with arming weapons if it is all the same to you, as Direhar Alexandria told me, it is better to learn a lesson from a bruise than a cut.

    May your strikes never glance,
    Sister Sable.
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