Missive: Lord Culspiir ((DM Moloch / DM Puffy))

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    Greetings Lord Culspiir,

    This one that writes is Finn, Edith's Bannerman, how are you doing?

    We have happened upon an opportunity with some very interesting Inn called the World Serpent Inn, to sell our goods there. We will already be exporting fish from House Wyvernspur, I'd like to know if you want to offer your wine kegs with us and be a part of that deal too.

    Makes sense to you? Do send us your price, including the taxes paid in Immersea, so I can forward that to our client.

    Also we are very interested in helping you boost your trade with other houses and customers, with the condition that you continue to invest in Immersea alongside us. Let us know what other trades and services you are willing to perform so we can look out for opportunities.

    Finn, Bannerman to Lord Edith Wyvernspur
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  • I have heard rumors and stories about this tavern. If it is what I think it is, then I have a good eye to the potential it would yield.

    I can handle the mundane details of costs and prices and know exactly how the taxes already would work here.

    Instead, I may require some further details from yourself. I require aelfengrapes, and a steady supply of these to increase my wine productions. Suitable land for these groups of course tends to be found in locations often claimed by the fey, and I know of an island that is most suitable if the current inhabitants are removed. This will allow an increase in production, and I would be willing to pay handsomely for the services.

    Lord Culspiir

  • Builders Guild

    This letter is handled to Jon. @CrystalRL

    Hey Jon, can you handle that? I think if we can help Lord Culspiir prosper, we all prosper together, so does Immersea. He needs access to these weird grapes, I have no idea what to do!


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