Letter: Oliva Quantz - Temple of Shaundakul

  • [The portal in the Inn buzzes as it powers up, a letter shifting through to glide down onto the floor]


    I hope you are well, I must admit that it's been a good while since we sat for tea, I'll try to find some time for it soon.

    Though, I'm afraid this letter is not just a friendly check up, but a request from myself, on behalf of House Wyvernspur. The manager of The World Serpent Inn, Mitchfier, has contacted us to organise several things for him, mainly to do with renovating and improving the establishment. Since of it's nature as a planar inn, accessed almost exclusively via portal, he asked personally that a shrine to Shaundakul be built, placed and consecrated inside the Inn, and he asked for you personally to see such matters taken care of. Do let me know if you would be willing to aid, and what you would need in return for it.

    Wind on your back,

    Benjamin Barkley,
    Paladin of Shaundakul

    alt text

  • That man can go to hell and burn! If he wants me working back in that place, he better be willing to do one incredible favor for me or, knowing that bastard, he's asked you to do it already and you were ridiculous enough to agree.

    I'm going to assume he never told you want I need. We'll speak and figure out just how badly you want to follow Shaundakul's steps.


  • Olivia,

    Is there something about him I should know before I continue to work with him? I've not met the man myself, so I couldn't even begin to assume the type of man he is.

    If you can tell me what you need through letter, do so. If not, I'll hop a portal whenever you are free, and we can talk it out over tea.

    - Ben

  • @Mr-Moloch


    I'll be in the temple later tonight, will you be free?

    - Ben

    //Available almost all the time, let me know

  • //trying to catch you in game--not forgotten you

  • //It seems that your a busy man, and our TZ's don't line up, and I wasn't too active during Moloch day outside of the Wyvernspur stuff. Is there any chance you'd be willing to hand this off to another DM? Just makes everything easier, and allows something as small as this to move on properly.


  • @mrpenguin-phil DMs can always run anything for anyone because we document this stuff on our forums!

  • Admin [DM]

    //I can help out, I see you IG plenty @MrPenguin-Phil 🙂

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