The Merchant-Wizard of Calimport

  • Several well inked parchments tucked

    Saida yr Farija el Jafar, the merchant-wizard from Calimport.

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    Looking for sponsors to my future expeditions in the desert looking for artefacts, lost knowledge and recovery of it, museum pieces.Imagine that beautiful buried bust of Sune! Be the first to sponsor whatever marvel is still buried in the desert or some forgotten jungle, showcase it in your private collection and gain prestige!

    ~~ Hiring, permanent or case by case guards, loremasters or parternering with existing mercenary outfits ~~

    ~~ Buying, trading knowledge, recovering knowledge concerning the Creator Races and their creations other such mysteries that would lead to forgotten treasures or valuable books before our time, or who knows what else ~~

    ~~ Acting, as an expert translator and speaker of Alzhedo and Bedine and any dialect deriving from these languages such as Midani ~~

    Only apply for a job if you're level headed, any merchantize and knowledge is valuable unless dictacted otherwise by law, self righteous destroyers of items and merchantize will not be tolerated or compensated and fired on the spot

    No items currently for sale.
    I am taking brewing orders for potions at competent prices.
    The following list is subject to change. Watch out for discounts and limited offers!

    Limited Availability List:
    Ghostly Visage - 130 coins per vial

    Always in Stock
    Bull's Strength - 110 coins
    Cat's Grace - 110 coins
    Endurance - 110 coins

    Special discount of 10% for all orders of law othe law enforcement officers.

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